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          1. ABOUT US » Motoroads.com

            About us » Motoroads.com
            Welcome to Motoroads !

            Motoroads.com is operated by Motoroads EOOD (Licensed Tour Operator in Bulgaria). Our team is dedicated to implement the passion for active travel into a way of life and to share the beauty of Bulgaria, and our friendship with people from around the world. We are proud to offer you some of the most exciting adventure tours and competitive travel services - motorcycle and scooter rental, car hire, bicycle rental, atv-quad hire, snowmobiling, airport taxi transfers. Cooperating with some of the most reputable travel and rental companies in the world we guarantee you an impeccable service.

            If you are keen to discover beautiful new places and have fun you are at the right place to plan your next adventure tour or holiday in Bulgaria.

            We look forward to hearing from you !

            Team Motoroads
            Sofia 1517, Bulgaria
            bul. "Bruksel" 1
            LUK OIL gas station
            Tel: +359 885 370 298
            Contact us  

            Business hours: 09:00 - 18:00 (Mon to Fri)
            Rentals (pick-up / drop-off): 24/7
            Online booking: 24/7
            Tour Operator License: 05211

            Our dedicated team will make it happen !

            Team Motoroads